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The Sea Slayers

A cautionary tale for libertines run amok and students of all ages who seek to understand the nature of man... in which, shall be revealed, the voyage of Captain Passion and his crew of ribald lads as the ride their craft, the Lusty Lady, across the oceans of the world. Set in the years of our lord spanning that time of tempest and tragedy know as the middle years of the eighteenth century. Be Advised.

The night was dark as pitch. No stars shown, the wind howled, and the white capped seas were the only light when Captain Passion fled, perhaps for his life, the dukes men upon him. As many a night before, the maid at his side one moment, ignored the next, as he grabbed his boots and cape leaping from the window to fall just so upon the horse which sent him on his way to board the Lusty Lady and escape once more to sea, where man has no master... to sea and safety. Just in time, because the bullets bounced about him clipping his right boot, filling his hat with holes. They were his natureís burden, these escapes. In the distance he could hear her grace shouting. ďGodís speed Passion, Godís speedĒ

His horse sped before the bullets, leaping over rocks and boulders, trees cut, fallen, placed across his path and for a time the Dukeís men kept pace, down the road dropping toward the harbor. But switch back after switch back they fell behind, no match for Passion or his steed, his shouts now before him alerting the crew to flee. And at the harbor, more men decsended on the Lusty Lady. One more switch back the lads hauling, shouting, shooting, random in the chaos, the Lady starting to move as her sails rose to catch a following wind which looked to speed them from the shore. Hitting the dock, the men scattered before him, bullets continued to fly but none found him as he and steed leapt, clearing now ten, fifteen feet of sea, to land perfectly timed on the deck as the sheets groaned, easing, the bark digging in her beam speeding from the shore. Away and safe once more. He heard her cries, now imagined on the wind. Godís speed ...speed... Passion. He did not know Godís or the Devilís but safe again he felt the sea. Some day his lusts might kill him, but not tonight, he laughed toward the sky and for a moment the groans of the rigging laughed with him. To sea and safety, to sea again.

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